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I have an Access 2003 database with SQL 2005

What is the best/easiest way to display live data on a webpage? I was recommended on Sharepoint services but, i could be wrong on this, the data needs to be in the sharepoint site instead on my SQL server?

If there is other alternatives, please advice, i'm not familiar with ASP and would like something easier.
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
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Well if your goal is to only "Display" the data, you can use any web page building application that can link into the datasource:

MS FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Microsoft Expression Web, et al

...Then simply create a webform/page to display the data.

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If it were mine, I would use ASP.

If you already know VBA then Classic ASP will be the easiest thing for you to learn. ASP is a flavor of VB Script hat is very similar to Access's VBA.

I recommend a good read about Access to Web of Albert Kallal, very informative:

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There are many ways to get your data on the web, but first, do you already have a web server configured?

Your web server software:
Can run on the same machine as SQL Server (IIS, Apache, etc)
Can run on another machine on your network
Run on an external site

Whichever way you run your web server software, the web server needs to connect to the SQL Server and have permissions to get data.

When you choose your web server software, you can then choose your web application platform. Examples are:
PHP on IIS, Apache
JSP/Servlets using Tomcat, etc.

Each platform has their own method of reading data in SQL Server. ODBC is a common method to acess data that is platform dependant.

How to access SQL Server in Active Server Pages:

How to access SQL Server from PHP:

JSP Example to connect to MS SQL database and retrieve records

If you want to show changing data then you can:
Use a control that has auto refresh
Have your page refresh
Use AJAX technology to reload data

The above links should get your started.

You should detail the steps you took and what exactly is giving you the problem so you can get more specific assistance.

Regards, GB


i was looking into using a form from MS Access and using that form on a webpage and displaying data from my SQL database.

From what i read, ASP is probably my best bet? i do know VBA but i never tried ASP, if you guys have any links to tutorials or some sort that would be helpful.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
Most Valuable Expert 2012
<i'm not familiar with ASP and would like something easier. >

I tend to agree with TheHiTechCoach here...

You will have to clearly define "Easier"...

ASP will be the most compatible since you are already using MS technologies.
It is also is easiest to port to the other .net-related technologies

Remember that most web Dev products come at this from the standpoint of HTML/Graphics, not really a Data-centric approach, so ASP may in fact really be "easier"

(Again, if all you need to do is "display" the data as you are requesting)


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Thanks guys

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