SonicWall FIPS Mode

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I have a sonicwall TZ210W and i wanted to know about the FIPS mode setting and should i be using it. Currently it is not enabled.

Does it give better security? What are the PRO's and CON's?
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What is FIPS

Sonicwall FIPS mode:
When operating in FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) Mode, the SonicWALL supports FIPS-Compliant security. Among the FIPS-compliant features of the SonicWALL include PRNG based on SHA-1 and only FIPS-approved algorithms are supported (DES, 3DES, and AES with SHA-1).

Select Enable FIPS Mode to enable the SonicWALL to comply with FIPS. When you check this setting, a dialog box is displayed with the following message: Warning! Modifying the FIPS mode will disconnect all users and restart the device. Click OK to proceed. Click OK. The SonicWALL reboots in FIPS Mode.

To return to normal operation, uncheck the Enable FIPS Mode check box. The SonicWALL reboots into non-FIPS mode
if you are looking for Higher security, you can logon to SNA (Sonicwall Network Appliance)---Firewall----Advanced------>Detection Prevention-------Enable
Enable Stealth Mode
Randomize IP ID

----Advanced------>Source Routed Packets
Enable Drop source routed IP packets

----Advanced------> any many other option availible.

you can also enable IPS, GAV and Anti Spyware.

you can also use ACL, MAC filtering and many more

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any more information do you require?

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