Has the Malware Plague Arrived at Apple's Door?

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I have a MacBook running Snow Leopard 10.6.7. After doing a Google search and clicking on the link to one of the results, I got the screen shown below stating that Trojans were detected and that I should click on the "Remove All" button to remove them. Looks just like spyware screens I've seen on Windows PCs. Obviously, I did not click on the Remove All button.

I recently read that "Spyware Creation Toolkits" specifically for Mac are now available for sale on the internet.

Has anyone else seen this on their Mac?
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MACs have had viruses for years but they are just much more seldom considering the software is different from Windows and Windows still has about 85% of the PC market. Thinking like a virus creator I would think to make a windows virus and go for the 85% affection over 15% but there are viruses for MAC and they have been around for awhile.

At the antivirus company I used to work towards the end we started to support the MAC OS. I learned from some coworkers that there is a program called Onyx that is a good program for checking/removing viruses from MACs. Try and give that a go and it will help keep your MAC clean in general really.

Onyx is a very useful maintenance utility, but has no facility whatsoever for detecting or removing viruses or trojans.

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