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I recently inherited a work in progress, which included reports written in Reporting Services.  They were originally written in RS 2008, and I updated them to 2010, including updating the references to Microsoft.ReportViewer.*.

The report shows data using this format:

Trip (column)   Status (col)   Zone (col)   Etc.... (cols)

So there is a heading level for the employee (note - not a header or footer) and columns that apply to that heading.  This structure works as deployed under the old version; however, after being upgraded to 2010, The employee field shows "#ERROR", and when I right-click on the field, select "Expression.." and look at the "Fields" list, no fields are available, and a message appears "Report item not linked to a dataset."  I can not find any place to link it to a dataset.  The columns below this field are linked and show the data you would expect from the underlying table.

How do I link the heading field up to a dataset? EdwardAF-459793.flv
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In your screencast click on Datasets at the left at the end of your movie. There you'll find your datasets and the fields in it.


I found the dataset I need in the list you mention; however, there is no way that I can find to link it so that the fields appear.  There is no DataSetName property...
In you screencast you are editing the placeholder. I think it is better to edit the text box properties. For the difference see:
But that's not the cause of your problem.

I think we have some misunderstanding. A textbox can't be linked to a Dataset. Only the complex control types like tablix and graph can. But you can reference a field in a dataset from an expression in a textbox like this:
exampleIf this still doesn't answer your question could you upload your report so we are sure we are talking about the same thing. Copy the report and rename it to .txt of .xml and upload the copy. EE doesn't allow the upload of a .rdl.


The First() function did the job.  The correct information is now showing again at the top of the report.  Thank you!

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