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I'm able to retrieve messages from a Tibco queue.  Using Eclipse and stepping through the code, I can examine a Message object and see a text field that has the contents I'm interested in.  But I'm unable to programmaticallly pick up the text field.

Does anyone know how to get the text field from a Message object?

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You said you can examine the text field in Eclipse.

Is the field not accessible? (private, etc.)

Have you tried .ToString() on the object?
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Message is actually interface

It has subinterface

javx.jms.TextMessage extends Message

That subinterface has a getText() methiod

Perhpas you can cast your object as TextMessage then
you should be able to getText() from it

Mick BarryJava Developer
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A Message does not necessarily have text. There are many different type of messages that can be passed using JMS. You can use instanceof to check the type of the message passed

      if (message instanceof TextMessage) {
         TextMessage txt = (TextMessage) message;
         System.out.println("Message Received: "+txt.getText());

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