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Repeater data key


I have a Repeater object set up like this:

Checkbox | Title | Image (see included code)

In the code behind, in VB, how do I access the hidden field data key in the code behind?
                            <td><input size="3" type=checkbox id="QuestionID" value='1' runat="server" />
                               <asp:HiddenField ID="ItemID" value='<%# Container.DataItem("Items_ID") %>' runat="server" />
                              <td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "ItemText")%>
                            <tr><td><asp:LinkButton ID="ViewButton" runat="server" CausesValidation="False" OnClick="ViewItem_Click">
									<asp:Image ID="ViewImg" runat="server" imageUrl="~/images/view.png" ToolTip="View" />

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