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I recently removed a website from an internal server and moved it to a off site hosted server.
My problem, I need to continue to accept web service traffic hosted on the internal web server. So both the website and the webservice use the same domain but are located on different servers.

Website address was configured as -
webservice address was configured as - 

Since the web service is not a subdomain, I'm not sure how to properly set a DNS record to direct that traffic to the internal server while still directing website traffic to the hosted website.

Thanks in advance.
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Found the fastest resolution was to use the hosting providers buit-in URL redirect to redirect the traffic.
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You can do anything with DNS.  DNS works on host names (, not URI's (/webservice).

Your best bet for a long term solution is to create a unique host name for the webservice, like

Then notify all users to start using that host name for the webservice.

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