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I have a table that I get and I want to change an nvarchar(50) value to Money.
My column looks like:
I want to convert to Money but I get, Disallowed implicit conversion from data type nvarchar to data type money.
I know I can right click on the table and change this, but how can I do it in an Alter Column Stmt? If I try to do an Update or Convert before the Alter I get the opposet error...
Disallowed implicit conversion from data type money to data type nvarchar
I know this is probably easy, but I can't seem to get it done without right clicking on the table and selecting money.... then it's no problem!
Thanks In advance, jb
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alternatively, you can:

1) rename the current column to something else, like 'X'
2) create a new column of type money with the original column name
3) update yourTable set newCol = convert( money, X )
4) drop column X


Thanks alot, glad someone is thinking today!!!!

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