Can Microsoft report Builder be used with data sources other than databases.  For example, can you build reports using data from an Excel file?

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My copmpany uses report Builder to produce reports from our SQL Server 2008 database.  Can I use it to make reports from Excel data?
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ValentinoVBI Consultant
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Your data source can be any OLE DB or ODBC source.  As long as you've got a provider, it should work.

So the answer is: yes, it should be possible to use an Excel file as source for your report.

However, I wouldn't go that way, I would set up a process that imports the files into a proper DB first and build reports using that DB.  But yeah, it's possible.
SQL Expert/Infrastructure Architect
I agree with ValentinoV. A database is the way I would go but ...

Here is an example if you don't want to go the full yard

Regards Marten

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