Crystal 11 - Call multiple subreports - SQL Server 2005

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Hello experts,

We have about 300 images (different products) that we need to print inside the details section of a crystal reports(version 11).  We want to basically choose a location through a Parameter prompt, and then have the images for that product appear only.

Question - can we use subreports somehow to call different subreports into the details section based on the parameter product type?

We cannot simply insert image objects and suppress them based on the parameter product type because there are far too many to have in one section, overlapping each other. How can we pull in these different images based on a parameter?  Multiple subreports called separately?  

We sadly do not have a content management system or access to any other type of software that would work MUCH better in this scenario.

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Crystal 11 can use a filepath to display the image.  You just store it in the database with the other information.

What is your plan for the parameter?  Is it to pass in a directory and use that set of pictures in the report?




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