Extend Airport Extreme network with D-Link router

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I have an Airport Extreme wireless network running. I need to access the network from a building at the end of my garden where the signal is poor. I have a D-Link DIR-615 router and wonder if it is possible to use it as a wireless access point by routing wirelessly into the Airport Extreme since I cannot connect the two devices by LAN cable.
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I don't think you can make the D-Link connect to the Extreme and still act as an AP for clients.  Not certain, though, maybe there's a way to do it with the D-Link.  What you're really looking for is a repeater.  Check newegg.com and you might find something suitable there.  The other solution is a set of APs with directional antennas to act as a bridge across the gap, but you would need a separate device at the house end, the Extreme won't do that (pretty sure).  That's basically what I did instead of running cables between upstairs and downstairs to give my lab Internet access.

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