What is the Playstation 2 (PS2) Slim capable of doing?

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Hi Experts,

I have a Playstation 2 Slim and I was wondering if I can have some experts tell what it is capable of doing.

- Can it play burned movies? As in .VOB format like a regular DVD(s)?
- Can it go online?

Looking for a list of what it can and cannot do.

Thanks Experts!
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Sean ScissorsProgram Analyst II
Without a mod chip the PS2 should still be able to play burned DVDs. I am not sure if that includes every format out there but it is able to play burned DVDs. As far as online, yes it has online and a built in ethernet port. However PS2 games was before the PSN and online gaming was based on the publisher/developer rather then the system itself. So not every game is able to be played online.

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Pretty broad question - check Sony's site for PS2 capabilities it might be easier if you came back with specific questions like the DVD one.
PS2 supports DVD+R, DVD-R and also both RW formats but unmodified is region locked so will only playback DVD's with Region Code 0 and the region relevant to the place of purchase.


This PS2 will not have a mod-chip.

I found this link: http://us.playstation.com/ps2/techspecs/ps2black.html

Does the "Video mode" work with DVD+R too? I would be using the DVD+R for movies. Not .mp4, .divx ect single files. .VOB movie files only.
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Yes - if the disk is burnt using the conventional DVD-5 format - given the region limitations above.

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