Maping shared folders

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I have created a bat file to use with active dicrectory scripts to map network shares
@echo off
net use /persistent:yes
net use n: \\ptisql\DiamondD
net use t: \\ptiwest\Student Services
net use x: \\ptiwest\Common
all work except for net use t: \\ptiwest\Student Services, I think I might need to use the short name for the share but not sure. Renaming the folder is not an option.

Thanks in advance
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you have a space in the destination try this \\"ptiwest\Student Services"


Using the quotations did not work.

I may have the quotes wrong, been a while sicne i had to script an add.
\\ptiwest\"Student Services" This should work if not try
"\\ptiwest\Student Services"


This is the error I get every time

H:\>net use t: \\ptiwest\"Student Services"
System error 53 has occurred.

The network path was not found.
Jackie Man IT Manager
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net use t: "\\ptiwest\Student Services"

The above should work.

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