Problem with conditional validation in InforPath 2010

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I am trying to modify a list entry form using InfoPath. I want to make one text field conditionally required based on the value of a lookup field. When I create this validation rule on a text field:

MyLookupField is equal to "some text" AND
MyTextField is blank

It only allows me to only type a number for the 'is equal to'. Why?

When I changed to this:

MyLookupField contains "some text" AND
MyTextField is blank

I can now type text but it still doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong?
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Sometimes this is an issue in browser based forms but I would not use the stock validation section.

I would add the logic to your submit button or something or have a hidden section expose to warn the user based on your conditions.

Have you tried it without the textfield is blank? Is that referencing the field you are adding the validation to? That would be implied and it would be unnecessary.

Often it just takes starting simple and tinkering with it.

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