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i have an internet connection with ISP
i usually use ping and tracert to test connectivity
what else can i use and what software or tool can be used to test connectivity to internet?? how can i monitor that and after the end of the day got a report that indicated any drop even for 5 second??
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For what you are looking for a SNMP monitoring tool would be your best bet to monitor your gateway/firewall router.  there are tons of them out there but atm they all escape my mind.
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Don't know if you could detect as short a period as 5 seconds.  You'd have to maintain a constant connection to monitor that and that would not be a very good idea,..plus there would have to be something running on the other end to "connect to".

When you are using a "pulse" method,..and I suspect most things are,...the only thing you actually know for sure is that a particular pulse failed.  You can tally up the span between failed "pulses" and get a guess on the amount of time,...but it is still just a guess.

I,..like Hutch_77,...don't know of any specific tools off the top of my head,...that type of stuff just is not that important to me,...but I think Hutch_77 has given you enough information to at least know what you are searching for.   You might want to search with the phrase "Connection Verifiers".  Some Firewall products (that aren't home-user quality) have that functionality built into them already to begin with.

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