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How to list folders that don't contain recently created files


I'm trying to do some housekeeping on a number of folders. I'd like to have a batch file that will list folders that have no files created in the last X number of days.

For example, I'd like to list all the folders that haven't had any new files added to it in the last 30 days. That way I can identify folders that are not active.

A simple command line or batch file would be ideal. It's on a Windows 2005 Server.
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I tend to use VBScript to do file system operations of this sort.  Batch is fine for basic stuff, but VBS offers a much richer library of functions.  Date comparisons is a good example.
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Are all the folders children of a common parent?  So you want to search all the subfolders of a single parent folder?

And what if there are nested folders, like:


and in dir2, file2-1 and file2-2 have not been changed in 30 days, but let's say file3-1 has been changed in less than 30 days.  Would dir2 get deleted or not?

Also, can you post up the output of two things, from a command line.


and then just a DIR on a couple of files.

I want to see the format of the date that your system is using.

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Thanks for the follow up. There are no nested folders, only a list of one deep folders with files in each.

The date format is: Thu 05/19/2011

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