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Need suggestion/direction for linux-based router/proxy that is easy to use.

A customer of mine has requested that I configure their network so that all internet access requires the use of a password, and that after the password is entered, all internet activity is tracked/logged.
Is there a simple solution to this?  The only ones i have ever used were the big cisco enterprise solutions, but this is a smaller office with a limited budget.
Any suggestions?
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use Sonicwall, you can also get viewpoint with Snicwall appliance. using viewpoint you can generate many reports ie (WeB, FTP, SMTP) try Firewall demo online here

a aprt from above you can use Sonicwall SSO (Single Sign ON) for passowrd authentication.
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That sounds more and more like what I am going to need to get.
I was hoping for a open source solution that ran on some flavor of linux, but... a hardware appliance is probably best.  Any particular models i should look at for a 20 to 25 user network with the above security restraints in mind?
The reason behind suggesting H/W Firewall is not only Security but also reporting. you can buy any TZ series model but make sure you have ViewPoint Reporting.

for a software base firewall (with out reporting) you can try webmin,
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any progress?
I am currently testing the untangle solution to verify that it has the required features.  I already know that sonicwall does, but they are $770 for the first year and $330 for every year thereafter.  The untangle solution is far and away more cost sensitive.
I will revisit this on Monday, after I have the chance to accumulate some metrics.
Thanks to all for their suggestions so far.
Untangle For The Win!  Very nice.