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Choose IE9 Extensions for a File Type?

I have a situation where an IE9 user would like to have .mp3 files clicked on in IE9 start in Windows Media Player.  With IE8, this was not an issue.  IE9 wants to open it in QuickTime.  I would normally just disable the QuickTime add-on, however, the user wants the QuickTime plugin for other things.  So that is not an option.

So, how do I keep the QuickTime plugin for other items but make it so when she clicks on an mp3 inside IE9 it opens Windows Media Player, instead of the browser QuickTime plugin?

(Important:  for now I'm having her save the mp3 and then opening it in Windows Explorer.  Not the elegant one click solution I'm looking for here.)

(Edit:  just cleaned up the wording a little.)

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