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The incorrect user's home directory appears in My Computer mapped drives -- completely wrong user

Hi team.

We've got a Windows Server 2003 network, with (2) domain controllers (Enterprise Ed. SP2), both functioning as Global Catalogs, and one file server on Windows 2003 Standard SP2.  On the file server is where we have a ..\users directory (sitting on a separate volume other than sys volume), and all users get a home directory when AD user accounts are created.

Within the last few weeks, two separate times now, we have a scenario where an end-user goes to their mapped home directory in My Computer, and its pointed to another user. I've not seen this in person, but I have seen a screenshot from this weekend, where it happened again. I can't verify whether or not they have just "Read" access or actually "write" access as well.

It happened first to a person in HR, so now this issue has great visibility, and obviously carries some heavy security issues along w/ it.

I checked the System and Security logs on both a domain controller and the file server, and I can't find anything that sheds light on this.

Does someone have a clue where to start to unravel this? or any idea why this might be happening?


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