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Need help in making the desired output in a query

Hi Experts,

I need Help in making a query, These are the steps I do here

I am taking the data from one table and storing it in a different table, But I am not getting the expeted result, I am attaching the following:

(1) Table structure for S_TIS_INTEREST_RATES - Sparse Table
(2) Table structure for TISINT
(3) Sample data for S_TIS_INTEREST_RATES
(4) Sample data for TISINT
(5) Current code that I am using for this purpose.
(6) Expected O/P.
(7) Current O/P.

Current Stored Procedure I/P Param - 201104 means yyyymm

Can you please help me in getting the Expected O/P. Expect the current code all are available at the excel sheet (.xls file).

Dil. Current-Query.txt Book1.xls
Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server 2005SQL

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