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I have a new PC. It is a Lenovo THINKCENTRE M75E ATH X4 640 3.0G 2X2GB 500GB DVDRW W7P. Lenovo's Model number is: 5041A3U

On this PC I have installed 2 identical ASUS 24 inch Monitors and I have extended the desktop onto to them. The problem that I have is that after 45 seconds the monitors dim to a fairly unusable level. We have tried setting computer options and also setting Monitor options with no success.

Do we need to add in a video card? We have been using the 2 onboard ports, 1 VGA, and 1 DVI to connect the screens. How do we get some “normal” brightness onto the screens?
Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks
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Sean ScissorsProgram Analyst II

The most ideal way to have dual monitor is to have two of the same ports. Having one monitor in DVI and one in VGA, especially on an onboard gpu is liable to cause issues. If you aren't gaming there are cards out there for around $70 that have to DVI ports to get dual monitors at high res and looking sharp. It's really not suggested to ever have dual monitor with two different ports because you won't see the same performance and when looking at the exact same monitor you will notice the difference moreso mentally then you normally would.

My suggestion:
How 'bout Power Options? Are you using their toolbox or the windows control panel? (Go with the Win Contrl Panel - that toolbox thing has given me fits in the past)
Danny ChildIT Manager

We've used DSUB and DVI connections from the same video card for twin screen setups in a corporate environment for ages.  

The post here says it's designed to run 2 screens...

Can you try a different monitor type if possible?  Or just try one at a time on a single screen config?

I'd also look at updating mainboard and video drivers too.  Possibly even BIOS versions as well - have helped with some Dell twin screen issues here...
IT Manager
Article here blaming the Lenovo Power Manager for dim screens:
you may want to try it...


Yes, Blame Lenovo. The default power setting dims the main screen only.

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