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Error calling Class Module

Hi guys,

I have a class module called cls_Cfg and this is a function in the class module:

Private Function EncryptFile(ByVal InFile As String, ByVal OutFile As String, _
 ByVal Overwrite As Boolean, ByVal Key As String) As Boolean

I want to call this routine from a regular module, but when I try the below code I get a compile error saying method or data members not found.  I'm not sure what the syntax is, I don't use class modules that often.

Sub testCall()

    Dim clsX As cls_Cfg
    Set clsX = New cls_Cfg
    clsX.EncryptFile("H:\tracy\cfg\temp.txt", "H:\tracy\cfg\temp2.txt", True, "test") = True
    Set clsX = Nothing

End Sub

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