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Spent the last two days trying to figure out 2008r2 server and the remote desktop thing. As far as I am concerned, I can use remote desktop on any machine in the world. I dont need 2008r2 for this. This is where I get confused as to what microsoft is actually doing. I have VMWare 4.1 in a test environment and that is fine for server consolidation. But from what I understand is that 2008r2 with hyper v and remote desktop will enable me to "boot from" the xp image I created and assigned to a user in ADDS. Not to run Win7 and connect to a XP VM. Maybe I am thinking that it should be like pxe or thin clients.

Well, I hope someone can clear this up for me. Virtual desktops should work the same way a roaming profile does. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your response. Now that my frustration is gone, I should restate what I mean. I thought that 2008r2 would allow a user to log on and just like a roaming profile get a desktop that is asigned to them. That has allways been my vision of a virtual desktop.

I actually did this with virtual server 2005 and some free "desktops" I downloaded and when the computer started it would do a network boot. Make sense? Like a thin client.. Never had any luck getting it to load a xp image up to the computer.

So I dont understand why I set up a virtual machine and asign it to a user in ADDS,  BUT the user logs on like normal and then does a https/rdsweb into the desktop.. I have to be missing something....

I read something about win7 being setup with this but thats still not what I am looking to accomplish. Something along the lines of a WYSE Machine?

Is that what 2008r2 is capable of I guess is my question?

Thanks in advance for all your input!!!
2008R2 is capable as long as you meet the hardware requirements (must be 64bits, enough HD, enough RAM, etc)
2008 standard can have 1 VM
2008 enterprise can have 4 VMs
2008 datacenter can have unlimited VMs
2008 Itanium can have unlimited VMs

I suggest you to take a look at this setup

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