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Delphi. Can't find bpl even though directory is in path

I have built two Delphi packages (a run time and a design time).
 I put the directory containing both of them in the library paths.
When I try and add the Design time I get the error message that it can't find the run time package.
Can anyone offer an explanation for this one?

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Hmm... which version of Delphi? Which "library paths" did you put the directory in? (Library, BPL output, DCP output, or Browsing Path, or Directories/Conditionals in Project Options - I'm referring to Delphi 7 btw)

Here's some text from the help that might be worth going over.

Library path: Specifies search paths where compiler can find the source files for the package. The compiler can find only those files listed in the library path. If you try to build your package with a file not on the library path, you will receive a compiler error.

BPL output directory: Where the compiler should put compiled packages (.bpl) files.

DCP output directory: Specifies a separate directory to contain the .dcp files.

Browsing path: Specifies directories where the Project Browser looks for unit files when it cannot find an identifier on the project search path or source path. The directories listed here are appended to the end of the debug source path (which is set using the Directories/Conditionals page of the Project Options dialog box).
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Glad you got it working.
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not rebooting ... , just restarting delphi would have been enough

open a command box
type "set" enter
> this displays all environment variables

add a variable to the environment variables via my computer/properties/advanced ... etc

in the earlier opened command box,
type "set" enter again
> the newly added variable is not visible

open a new command box and type "set" enter again
> the new variable is visible
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first create a runtime package and build it
this will create/copy a bpl to the bpl output path ($delphi)\projects\bpl

next add this runtime package to a design package (requires entry)
then compile the design time package

runtime package will be the compiled sources used by customers

designtime packages are editors/enhancement for the delphi IDE
like components, wizards, etc which customers never see as they don't have delphi
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I found the answer myself accidentally.

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