Migrating Exchange 2003 to 2010

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Hi All,

I wanted to know if anyone can provide me with the best guide for migrating Exchange 2003 to a new Exchange 2010 server. Also, the client wishes to have the new Exchange 2010 host a Virtual machine from vSphere ESXi using a guest OS of Windows 2008 R2.. just want some feedback

Also, how long do you think it'll take roughly. Last migration i've done took a few days at my leisure.

thank you!

AD is prep, the new PDC is a Windows 2008 R2 server and Exchange 2003 is on Server 2003 sp3
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Sr. Infrastructure Specialist
For ESXi there is not Guest OS(it is not like Hyper V). You can install the ESXi server and once you the VMware Cosnole you can directly install the Operating System VMs on that.


The sequence for a migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 is as follows:

    Bring the Exchange organization to Exchange Native Mode.
    Upgrade all Exchange 2003 Servers to Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2.
    Bring the AD forest and domains to Windows Server 2003 Functional (or higher) levels.
    Upgrade at least one Global Catalog domain controller in each AD Site that will house Exchange Server to Windows Server 2003 SP2 or greater.
    Prepare a Windows Server 2008 (RTM or R2) x64 edition server for the first Exchange 2010 server.
    Install the AD LDIFDE tools on the new Exchange 2010 server (to upgrade the schema).
    Install any necessary prerequisites (WWW for CAS server role).
    Run setup on the Exchange 2010 server, upgrade the schema, and prepare the forest and domains. (Setup runs all in one step or separate at the command line.)
    Install CAS server role servers and configure per 2010 design. Validate functionality.
    Transfer OWA, ActiveSync, and Outlook Anywhere traffic to new CAS servers.
    Install Hub Transport role and configure per 2010 design.
    Transfer inbound and outbound mail traffic to the HT servers.
    Install Mailbox servers and configure Databases (DAG if needed).
    Create public folder replicas on Exchange 2010 servers using pfmigrate.wsf script, AddReplicatoPFRecursive.ps1,or Exchange 2010 Public Folder tool.
    Move mailboxes to Exchange Server 2010 using Move Mailbox Wizard or Powershell.
    Rehome the Offline Address Book (OAB) generation server to Exchange Server 2010.
    Rehome Public Folder Hierarchy on new Exchange Server 2010 Admin Group.
    Transfer all Public Folder Replicas to Exchange Server 2010 Public folder store(s).
    Delete Public and Private Information Stores from Exchange 2003 server(s).
    Delete Routing Group Connectors to Exchange Server 2003.
    Delete Recipient Update Service agree


If I was to work straight through and test along the way, how many hours do you think it will take

give an honest opinion assuming no issues occur
ckeshavSr. Infrastructure Specialist

It depends on the number of Mailboxes you need to move to Exchange 2010.
considering your setup and for 500 Mailbox, it would take a Week.

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