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we have a database on a single instance having size 15GB and using file system  for storage.

we want to migrate that database (full exp/imp) into a new RAC database which is using ASM.

what are the options i had?

for full exp/imp, i can take the full exp from single instance database (which is using file system)
then how to import into RAC database (2-node) having ASM?

following are my questions.......

1) on 2node RAC, we have 2 instances up and running.
    so can i import through one instance ??

2) how to  importing from  non-ASM to ASM??
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15gb isnt much, so easiest option is probably to use expdp and impdp. The fact that you are importing into RAC using ASM doesn't matter. You can connect to a single instance if you like, or to a load balanced service name, it makes no difference.


>>  to a load balanced service name,

can you please explain it? i didn't understand it....

Sorry, I assumed you understood some RAC concepts. When you connect to a database, you use might usually use its SID as defined in a tnsnames.ora file. A service name is just a different name you can use to connect to the database, but it has some built in smarts around load balancing and failover for RAC nodes.

When running expdp/impdp all you care about is the name used in your connection string.
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Follow MrNed answer. I will just add to make it simple. Since you already have the 2-Node RAC with 2-instances. On any one node, make sure that your environment is pointing to the desired instance. i.e your ORACLE_HOME and SID is set to correct instance. Run impdb as system with FULL=Y option. Make sure you have created Tabelspaces with same name as on the source database to make it simple  or you have options to use REMAP_TABLESPACE and  REMAP_DATAFILE with impdb.


thanks it works!!!

When you do a impdp into a RAC db is faster if you shutdown one of the nodes (or just have 1 up) do the import and start it (the nodes) again after the import.

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