How to personalise the General Tab information in System Properties Windows 2003 SBS?

Andrew Leniart
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I'm currently confiiguring a Windows 2003 SBS system and would like to personalise the "General" tab in System Properties when you right click on Computer and select Properties.

I want to change the "Registered to:" field from User to the the name of the system owner and also want to enter my company information on that Tab as well, similar to the way Dell brands their machines, which include their details and a logo etc.

Can anyone point me to a link on how this is done?  I'm quite comfortable editing the Windows Registry and know it's in there that I've got to make the changes, just don't know where and which keys I need to change.  I've done it once before in XP Pro but that was a long time ago and forgotten how I did it - I assume it's a similar process in Windows 2003 SBS?

Anyone able to help with this?

Many thanks..

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this is fun and easy ... I made a batch file that does mine.

check out this link as it explains it with details and pictures:
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Perfect answer warbringer.. exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks! :)

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