Mondrestore kernel panic cant find /dev/root

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Im trying to use mondo backup to backup a CentOS5 machine and restore to VMWare esxi4.
mount: could not find filesystem '/dev/root'
setuproot: moving /dev failed: No such file or directory
setuproot: error mounting /proc: No such file or directory
setuproot: error mounting /sys: No such file or directory
switchroot: mount failed: No such file or directory
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

I have access to the original machine and can retake the backup.
What info do you need to help?
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You may have to change entries within /boot/grub/menu.cfg (or the equivalent file used in CentOS), and maybe also the /etc/fstab file. Maybe you have to replace /dev/hdx with /dev/sdx or similar.
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That sounds like the initrd image doesn't contain a driver for the root disk device. The fix would be to boot the virtual machine from a CentOS 5 installation DVD, select linux rescue, allow it to mount your system image, and then:

chroot /mnt/sysimage
cd /boot
rm initrd-???.img
mkinitrd initrd-???.img ???

replacing ??? with the kernel version. For eample if the initrd image was:


the command would be:

mkinitrd initrd-2.6.18-238.9.1.el5.img 2.6.18-238.9.1.el5

You might also have to adjust /boot/grub/device if the running system used SCSI or SATA disks (/dev/sd??) and the virtual machine used ATA disks (/dev/hd??).


I was able to use VMWare standalone convertor and it it worked perfectly.  

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