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Hi Experts, I have a site hosted with and an SSL certificate installed through them as well. I set up a subdomain to be (or the sub folder in the root directory). The sub folder needs to be secure. when I go to the correct index page appears, however when I go to it displays an index page from another directory.

There customer support says i need to "change the redirect" but there is no redirect in place. I have tried creating one with the htaccess files but than it asks for a username and password when I go to the secure URL. If anyone has any suggestions/explanations it would be really helpful. Thanks.
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For every hostname, you have to have a certificate, or buy an encompassing/Wildcard certificate
*  (Has/had issues with IIS versions)

Double check your configuration on whether the RootDirectory for one points to a different directory in the other.

At times, the setup is points to D:\
while the https:\\ points to d:\\ssl.
IT all depends on how they have configured it?

Are you using IIS, or is it on an Apache based system?

Confirm with the support that both <virtualHost> that you have point to the same DirectoryRoot

When you got the SSL they should have altered their prior configuration and bound the HTTP to the same IP that you got for the SSL.

I'm not sure what redirect hey are trying to get you to fix.


Something on our hosting companies end was not configured properly.

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