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Moving SharePoint Site URL

Hi experts

We are moving our SharePoint 2007 environment from Site 'A' to Site 'B'. Our current structure is 1 WFE/App Server & 1 SQL at Site 'A'. Site 'B' will also contain the same structure.
Both servers are in the same domain, but different IP Subnets...We are using DocAve from AvePoint to move the platform.

At present, our current production farm takes the Server URL as the site name, say 'http://server A'.

At site B, the server name is rather long, and because of some 3rd party software we have that utilises SharePoint, i've been asked to try to keep the same URL when we switch to site 'B'. This will save us an enormous amount of work.

My plan was to create an AAM entry for our current server name url & add that in the 'Intranet' zone on the farm at Site 'B', then change the DNS entry for the server IP at Site 'A' & point it to the server IP at 'Site B' within DNS.

I've tested this in a Virtual farm & it appears to work ok at first glance.

Does this sound like a feasible solution or is there another way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance
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