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I have a job application wizard. I have personal info, paste resume, employment section, education section.

User clicks next, next and fills the info. On the last page, we have "preview page" where data from all 5 steps are displayed...

How can I save the data in each step and display on the last page? session might not be good...too many fields to be in session...i thought about just saving each step in a table (preview table)..and save/pull preview data from this table...then do a save to the main tables...but not sure if this is good solution....

any ideas?
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I would suggest you write data in an XML as soon as user navigates to the next section. So the XML would be building and lastly you can preview the whole profile and save data to Database and then dispose of the XML file.

great u have a simple example of writing to XML?

This article will help you to get started:
Reading and Writing XML in C#
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how about using a datatable? would that be doable?

Than where would you keep datatable for multiple pages?
In session? that would be heavy if the number of users go high.
yeah, didnt think of that...thanks

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