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Can't fully join windows xp sp3 client to a Server 2008 domain.

Hi, hoping someone can help me here please.
Have reintroduced a standalone Server running Server 2008, Active directory and Exchange 2007 to an environment after rebuilding from scratch. Environment is small, two local workstations, plus one remote laptop.
Rebuilt server has same server name and domain name as before. Rejoined one workstation without issue, other will not join.

I attempt to join computers the basic way, via system properties on the workstation.

The workstation can see the DC as the credentials dialog pops up.
Joining with administrator credentials fails with the maddeningly unenlightening message: "the following error occurred attempting to join the domain "domainname.local": Cannot complete this function."
When I check the server, the computers section in active directory show the computer added with the arrow icon on the computer. I have taken the step to enable the computer in active directory, in case this is the issue, but without impact.
back on the workstation, if I change the workstation name and then try to join domain I initially get the success message followed immediately by another failure message stating: "The following error occurred attempting to change the name to 'new name': (the domain 'domainname.local'  was joined under the old computer name 'old name'). Cannot complete this function.
If I then attempt to reboot and log in, i have choice of domain or computer login, so the workstation thinks it is on domain. Domain login fails however, as the workstation has retained it's old name.
Loggin in locally, changing the computer name to new name fails, as the workstation is not truly on the domain so the credentials fail.
Removing it from domain, renaming it new name and then rejoining the domain results in a success message, then rebooting into domain partly succeeds. User and administrator credentials are accepted, but with a popup-  "Windows cannot load the user's profile but has logged you on with the default profile for the system. DETAIL - The system cannot find the file specified".
Taking ownership of the profile folders and logging off and on does not fix it.
Logging with a newly created test account with administrator privileges results in same message.

Is there a problem on the workstation with old accounts from the old server environment? Or something else local to the workstation?

Any help is good help.
Thanks in advance,
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