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SQL server 2008 table paritioning how to?

Several new applications are launching, and the company I am working for has purchased an Enterprise Edition license for SQL 2008 R2. I know we will be storing up to 1TB of data in this new application and the data will be trickling in through a web service at about 600 inserts per minute during peak times and a lot less during non peak times. I will need to take advantage of table partitioning as we will need to categorize entities by STATE and CITY, not so much by time. I am told each STATE and CITY will have possibly 1million or more records that will need to be searchable. I will need to get up to speed with table partitions. I am looking for recommendations on great web articles or books that can help me get from beginner to novice to pro in a short amount of time. What great articles \ books have the experts read on partitioning in SQL 2008 EE R2?

Thanks experts!
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