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Clean Accepted Domain out of Exchange 2010 infrastructure

I have some accepted domains in my Exchange 2010 server that I am not wanting to receive email for, nor have them part of the system.  I removed them from the Accepted Domain list, but now that the domain is hosted elsewhere, I cannot email that domain from my system.  It's like they are still in there somewhere.  My Exchange server thinks they are local, but they aren't anymore.  Any email sent to a user with that domain name comes right back undeliverable, even if nobody in AD has an alias to that domain.

I have read other posts but can't seem to resolve.  Some talk about getting the IIS7 Metabase explorer and cleaning them out some other way?  Can anybody help me, I am lost on this one.
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If the accepted domain(you removed) is hosted in other network, try to send a mail from external like Gmail or yahoo and check if the Mail delivery is happening.
If the mail delivery is still not happening then there is no issue from your end, the administrator who is now hosting or administering this domain should check
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Doy you have any records on internal DNS for those domains ?
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Yes, external servers like gmail and yahoo can send to those domains.  They work fine anywhere but from the old server they were a part of.

There is still DNS records on one of the server.  The reason is because my servers still host the website, just not the email.  So there is an internal A record where "Www" points to an internal web server so we can browse the website properly from within the network.  I've tried adding mail (A) records and MX records to our internal DNS, but it doesn't seem to help.

In addition, we have other websites that we host the WWW for but not the mail, and they work fine because they were never setup in the first place on Exchange as an Accepted Domain.
From you internal network check this
Open CMD
set type=mx
type the domain name which has issue

See if you are able to resolve to correct MX Records
please test the above commands twice:

first time while the client uses the internal dns. and the second while using the external DNS ( for example 8.8.8..8). then compare results...
ON the test with internal DNS, it comes back with "can't find non-existant domain."
On the test with external dns, it comes back with resolving the domain correctly.

This doesn't necessarily surprise me, because I do have a DNS zone entry for the domain in question, but the only thing in there is an (A) record for WWW that points to our internal web server.  That's so we can browse their hosted website correctly from inside the network.

If I run the same test with internal DNS and a email domain that we currently host, I get the same failure answer: "can't find non-existant domain."

However email flows just fine, because we are on the same exchange server as the accepted domains that we want to receive mail for.

I could be wrong, but I don't think its a DNS issue.  I think it has to do more with cleaning a domain out of Exchange 2010 after it used to be an "Accepted Domain" but is no longer one.  We have tons of domains that we host Web and Email for, and I don't have internal MX DNS records for.  I would get the same failure answer as above with test #1, but email flows just fine.
1. Do you have Edge Server or any other Smart Host like Ironport - Have you removed it from there as well?
2. Have you restarted the Service or Server after removing the Accepted Domain?
No, no edge server.  Exchange server is doing all roles and sending/receiving directly.  And yes, the server has been restarted.
New twist on the problem - It would appear that one of the domains I removed from "accepted domains" is functioning to a degree.  I can send a new email to a person.  But if I CC somebody with that domain name I get:

" gave this error:
Unable to relay for

Your message wasn't delivered due to a permission or security issue. It may have been rejected by a moderator, the address may only accept e-mail from certain senders, or another restriction may be preventing delivery.

Obviously those aren't the real domain names, I replaced them.  The server I am referring to in the above failure is our DNS server.

Could there be old address data in my Outlook config?  Or is Outlook synchronizing something wierd from the exchange server and it is the source of the error, not the server itself?
I have the exact same problem and the same configuration. Did you find a resolution to this?
Under accepted domain what happens when you set up an external relay domain to point to the non-hosted domain?
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Yes, all email addresses for the domains that I removed have been cleaned out.  There are no distribution groups, public folders, or users with that email address aliased anywhere.

I do not know how to setup an external relay domain as suggested above.  Can you elaborate or provide link?
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To be honest, I did not find or run the command in EMS suggested by ggg1228, however I believe that was the problem because the issue cleared up.  I think the default 30-day cleanup routine got rid of the disconnected mailboxes and it started working on its own.