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I installed Exchange 2010 on a new server and migrated mailboxes (from another Exchange 2010 server). I will outline details later, but the general problem is that I ended up with errors or corruption in my public folders. I had my new server showing a mailbox database bu NO public folder database so I created one in the EMC. Everything completed error free and I can see the .edb file in the appropriate path. The problem I hav enow is that every time I launch the EMC and click on MAILBOX under ORGANIZATION I get the error from the screen shot attached.

I should note that I CAN see the Public Folders in the PUBLIC FOLDER MANAGEMENT (in the TOOLBOX section). I can create new subfolders etc. I just do not get an "entry" in the DATABASE MANAGEMENT tab that shows the public folders are mounted and ready to use.

Here is some other (hopefully relevant info). I tried to uninstall Exchange from the original server and I never could get past the REMOVE MAILBOX role. I ended up doing a forcible uninstall by removing registry entries, the EXCHANGE folder, and references in ADSI EDIT to the OLD SERVER (under the exchange subsection ONLY). I'm sure most of you have seen the 100 or so articles that document where to look in ADSI EDIT and how to do a manual uninstall. I did nothing outside of the steps in these articles.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Here are some more screen shots if helpful.

- no public folder database even though I ran through the wizard to create one

- windows explorer shows database file created

- TOOLBOX shows public folders

when you run the command "get-publicfolderdatabase | fl" @ this server databox...what is the result?
can you please paste the result here?
SaakarSenior Technical Consultant

Check ADSIEDIT and see if there are still any remains for public Folders present there, just delete them if there are any and then try to create a PF again
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OK, here is the result of that command.

Also, as far as ADSIEDIT...I think that may have been what got me in trouble in the first place. I went into ADSIEDIT and deleted all references to the old exchange server. I actually could not get Exchange to uninstall on the old box so I removed the references in ADSIEDIT and then did a manual uninstall per a document I found. Exchange was installed on the new box and I have mail flowing just fine. It's just these darned public folders that seem to be "missing". I knwo I went through the wizard to create a database. I even looked in Windows Explorere and it shows the database and folder structure there. The EMC just doesn't "see it". Screen Shot
so, the shell result confirms that the "Public folder database" is not available\attached to the E2010 servers.

Do you want to create another public-folder database and see if that is working fine and visibel @ the EMC and EMS?
if yes, then you can down the newly-created public-folder database and replace the edb files from the old-original-public-folder-databse to get the contents back.


I have tried creating a second database using the wizard in the EMC. If I use "Public Folders" it says the name already exists (even if I rename the directory that the current .edb file sits in). If I try a new name, it says a Public Folder database already exists and I can't create a second one.

At the ADSI Edit check around the path\location:

Configuration >> services >> Microsoft Exchange >> <org. name> >> administrative groups >> exchange administrative group (FY...) >> Databases

-> check for any object @ this level without the class column (at the right hand side window)
If we are seeing any object with the class msExchPublicMDB and/or without any class-fields...that should be problematic database.


NICE!!!! You did it my friend. There were a couple empty "folders" or objects in that exact location and one with the name Public Folders with an entry in it. I deleted the 2 empty ones and then refreshed the EMC and it shows up just fine.

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