Electronics for Elevator

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Looking at a good design for Digital electronics for Elevator
 for at least 10 Floors. Objective is to convert it to FPGA.
  Request for current quality inputs on design of the Digital
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"design of the Digital  circuitary.   "
Step one:   what do you want the digital circuit to do. Controls range from responding to button pushes only to automatic detection of overload situations and firefighter operation.
If you want to reproduce existing installations, get a repair manual for that system.
Are you  designing control electronics for a real elevator, or is this an academic assignment?

In either case, you have to define the inputs (at least 20), outputs, and state variables (at least 20).

Do you have to control the elevator motor, doors, light on the call buttons, floor display in the elevator, floor display at
each floor, lights, air conditioning, ....

You should start by specifying the problem.
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