I'm getting poor performance on my SAN, does anyone know of a good troubleshooting tool?

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I have the SAN connected to a 2003 server OS and it doesn't have a good builtin tool to troubleshoot.

First thing I want to test is the actual transfer speed between the server and the SAN. I'm using iSCSI to connect to the SAN. Does anyone know of a good free tool to test file transfer speeds?

Second, I would like a free tool to test the read/write speed on the SAN itself. The SAN is running Windows storage server.
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Presumably there are other servers also connected to it (would be a waste if it was just for one host, you could have use direct attached storage) so you can run perfmon on both the target and the initiator to check things such as queue length and IOPS - if you create a log run perfmon from a remote workstation to avoid skewing the performance.

Atto as mentioned above or IOmeter will do to benchmark it.

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