Windows 7 Pro 32-bit Print Spooler not staying running

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Hey Experts,

I have come across two cases in the last week where a customer is running Windows 7 Pro 32-bit and go to use the printer, only to find that the print spooler is turned off. When I have looked at each machine, the print spooler service is off, but the RPC service is on (print spooler needs it running to run itself).

In both cases, I have restarted the print spooler and can confirm in each case that it is set to start automatically. Once the service is restarted, I can see the device under 'Printers & Devices' but, as soon as I go to print, it seems to stop. Further investigation in both cases shows that the service is actually stopping before I go to print (thanks F5!)

In both cases, the printer is connected through a netgear router and the printer is set up on the network as a local printer with the port being set up with the specific IP address of the printer.

In only one of the cases, a program was installed about 20 minutes (and a dozen prints) before the issue arose), but that program has since been uninstalled.

I have opened a command prompt as Admin and run sfc / scannow but Windows said that no errors were found.

What do you reckon the issue could be?

N.B: In one case, they are running a Fuji-Zerox colour laser mfp, in the other, an HP colour laser printer.
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As per you explanation, i guess the problem lies in the spooler service getting stopped. Can u check the system logs and check the event viewer errors and paste it here.
Spooler problems are almost always caused by a faulty driver. I would uninstall the driver, as follows.

Go to Start > Printers & Faxes. First delete the printer. Then, from the File menu, select Server Properties; click the Drivers tab and remove any instances of the printer from the list.

Then reinstall from the CD or from a downloaded driver.


I will start by saying that one of the printer issues has been resolved by clearing the contents of C:/Windows/System32/Spool/Printers & restarting the PC. For the other printer, I ahve already reinstalled the printer with new drivers (not those on file for the reasons you stated) but no result- same response.

Sanjithml, what exactly am I looking for in the system logs (I know how to get to the event viewer, but am not sure where to go from there - sorry, I'm sure that isn't greatly helpful).
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Clearing out /spool/printers will clear the problem, but he next time a job is spooled that locks the spooler it will fail again.

It could be a single application, or a single type of document thats locking it.

Update drivers - removing the old first the rebooting to ensure no dll's are sill loaded before readding.

Alternatively, or if the problem exists, change the following:
Driver Properties; Advanced - Enable Advanced Printing features - Unticked
Driver Properties; Advanced;Print Processor - Set to Winprint-RAW
Hi David,

Both issues have now been fixed by clearing out the printer folder, as per my previous post. Should the problem reappear, I'll check out the driver properties as per your last post.

Thanks , guys


Came across this solution elsewhere and tried in both cases stated. In both cases, the problem was resolved.

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