[Urgent] How to prevent exchange from sending emails to one particular domain? Any Exchange Internal Blacklisting?

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I need to stop internal alerts being sent to a resigned employee's personal domain from our exchange 2003 while we clean up the Nagios and other monitoring system...
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Block Users Sending to Specific Domains with Exchange Server 2007

You could add a fake SMTP connector:
Expand Administrative groups-> Routing Groups -> first routing group -> connectors
create a new SMTP connector
"Select forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts" and fill in an invalid address
In Address spaces put the domain that you don't want to send email to


If it's just one address you want to block:
Expand  Global Settings
select properties on Message delivery
go to the recipient filtering tab
Add addresses you want to block

Hope this helps
block the domain on the firewall ( specifically port 25).


Thank James that worked perfectly.

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