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i have a c class ip address on my network and 2x DC servers ,2x terminal servers (windows 2008 servers).

Now my network growed for that i plan to B class address to use.

I plan to new 2xDC server with B class IP addreses.when servers are ready i will shut down C class ip networks and B class ip networks ON.
This is just my thoughs.
Any ideas or suggestions. May be there is better way that i do not know.
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you don't need to change to a 172.x.x.x IP, just change your subnet mask to will give you the same as Class B and keep your 192.168.x.x addresses

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If the only reason is to extend your subnet from a class C then just change the subnet to this will work fine.
If you have the ability to subnet, you can also decrease the amount of network chatter of devices broadcasting.  This would require VLANs and routing between, so depending on your network gear, this might work or not.

But as far as teh easiest route, Chakko is correct.
I would agree with VLAN idea like tsaico said. Then design depends on your network. If you have multifloor building you can plan on assigning different segment to each floor as well as separating voice and data traffic into own VLAN.
VLANs might give you better control on network data flow between servers and computers.
Also, you might consider separating servers into own VLAN, so it might be easier to control access to all servers and limit it, if required at some point in time.
Of course VLANs and any kind of subnetting and then routing between subnets must be supported by devices you have, so that goes down what network equipment you use.
Thre is few items you should consider before you will decide about final design:
 - type of devices connected to network (computers, voip phones, ip cameras, any other devices?)
 - is placing everything in one large subnet efficient from network management/performance management point of view
 - will that be flexible enough for growth or better will be to separate devices into subnets as that might make it easier to manage and identify
 - how performance of network might be affected by placing all devices in one large subnet rather than creating subnets and routing (I guess less broadcasts will be flying around once divided in VLANs and separate subnets)

have a look into that article, maybe that will help to make decision:

But again, that depends what network devices you have, what they are capable of and what chances you have to get network devices replaced to design some subnets and control network traffic.

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