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We have Exchange 2007 enviroment.  We want to disable the optoin that users can archive mail, because they are archiving lots of mail and putting this on the network/server/san. Is it possible to disable Archive in outlook? Through some kind of policy?

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you need to do the below steps:

Disable Auto Archive, Manual Archive, creating new PST Files and Import/Export PST Files from Outlook User Side Group Policy to apply it on all QIA Users:
•      We download the Administrative Tools of Office 2007.
•      Create a new Object of a Group Policy.
•      Import the Outlook12 ADM File.
•      Activate the two options:
o      AutoArchive Settings:
¿      Set it to be Disabled
•      This Option will disable the auto pop up message which comes to all users for Auto Archive, to prevent any user to archive [save] any messages on his local machine purposefully or by mistake.

o      Disable File|Archive:
¿      Set it to be enabled
•      This Option will disable “hide” the manual archive from:
o       Microsoft Outlook ¿File ¿ Archive, to prevent any user to archive [save] any message on his local machine.

o      Prevent users from adding PSTs to Outlook profiles or suing Sharing Exclusive PSTs
¿      Set to be enabled:
•      For this option, the user cannot create a new PST File on his local machine:


Thx, the policy works just fine!
Thx for the soluiton!

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