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VM server

I have VM server 2008 running on host with out sound card (I assume) - it has the red cross on the speaker - no hardware installed.
I remote Desktop into this Virtual Machine.
The server manages Voice messages for me for example - .wav files.
How I can set this up so I can hear these messaeges?
Can I emulate hardware on the vm or can i somehow stream it to my rdp client /local pc and use its sound card?
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Yes, you don't need the sound card to be installed.  If you remote desktop to the server it will use a virtual sound card.

here is a page with instructions.

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Ive cerainly made sure my "bring sound to remote is ticked" in my rdp.

does the second paragraph apply to server settings or local settings?

There iis no playback device mentioned in the sound area of the server at all - not - Rdp.
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Do you see the Speaker icon in the lower right corner?  If it is red, the click it and it will ask to enable Windows Audio, choose Yes.

Then Right-click the speaker (it should be green now) and select Playback Devices.
You should see Remote Playback device.  You can right click on it and choose Test, it all is good you should hear some sound.

yes I had to enable audio redirect using