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Webmail access

I have just installed a SBS 2008

when i want to access webmail from a workstation

i type remote.domainname.com.au/owa

i get page could not be displayed if i try this on the server it works

i have downloaded all the latest updates using WSUS

if i ping remote.domainname.com.au from the workstation i get a reply back with the public static IP not the internal server IP

why i want this to work is because when i setup there iphones to connect to exchange and when there in the office and connected to wireless they can still get the emails from the server without having to switch to there 3G

Seems like a DNS issue but SBS 2008 make a remote.domainname.com.au record with the internal IP already so im not sure what needs to be changed or updated
SBSWindows Server 2008Microsoft IIS Web Server

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