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Opinion on how to turn on/off features in php


I'm kinda stuck on how to create features and be able to turn them on or off per user.

So lets say:
each user has several api keys registered
each api registered has several gamecharacters

What I would like is let the user choose what features (connected to their api) they want to be active for each of their gamecharacters.

So a few questions:
How would I make sure the right api key is choosen?
Do i need to keep track of them in a database? if so how? as there are around 50 different features.

I'm using a php framework. So this will propably be set as a model
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@jagadishdulal Yes well I have already implemented a check on whether the character/api is his/hers.
But let's say you have features/methods like getBalance, getAssets, getShips, ...

How can I put them together so for example when I use checkboxes they can all be modified in a single click? Also, when I use one of these methods I have to create a new object. Is there a simple way to create just the object once and use them for all of the methods?
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Found a way to select several features... thanks