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Hi Experts.

I work in a larger company, and we have some security settings, that does not allow me to send an Infopath webform, containing an enclosed file, to another domain then ours.
They recieve the email, but with no enclosed file.

Now, I was wandering if there is a way around this?

Alternatively, I want the form to open up a new email in Outlook, and fill in the information for the form in the body, so that the user can enclose the file to the email in outlook. (No restrictions here).

Also, the file is published to a sharepoint website.

Thanks alot in advance!

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If the form is on SharePoint, why not just send them a link and the user can access it from Sharepoint?  If the user does not have access to SharePoint you will not be able to run the form anyway to get the template file.

Attached files are a pain either way.  I have a specific view that I create and it is the body of the email and has the hyperlink to the form that is being saved.  Concat the path to the library with the form name.

You can use a mailto: hyperlink in InfoPath but you are pretty limited to the email you can create.

Another option is SharePoint workflow.


clayfox ->

Thanks for your reply.

The reciepients does not have access to the SharePoint solution, but I can enclose the template when I send the email (A checkbox in the data connections window).

We've found out that the enclosed file arrives at the reciepient, if we forward the e-mail manually from Outlook. Then everything works fine. So we're considering creating rules in an Outlook mailbox, to auto-forward the e-mails. And by that, getting the solution to work.

I was hoping that I could write some code, to create the e-mail in Outlook.

Via VBA I can do it from Access or Excel, but I would like InfoPath to be the main input source.


The user did not solve my exact issue, therefore only a B grade.

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