Purchase Requisition within Sharepoint: Form or List?

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We have been using a fairly limited document library system within Sharepoint 3.0 to raise, submit, approve and archive Purchase Requisitions within out company.

I created a near exact copy of our old carbon copy reqs within Excel and gave it some functions to calculate totals and budget holders etc. It works, but it's still a little clunky and not 100% foolproof.

I'd like to look into upgrading this to a more stable method and I was wondering if there would be any experts out there who could point me in the right direction - translate the document into a form with InfoPath, something I don't have a lot of experience with, and I believe each user would need Infopath Fillrer to edit it? Or into a List which i believe would be a bit of a fiddle to get working, but does do away with a document.

I have included a copy of our purchase requisition below, please cast your expert eyes upon it :)
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Clay FoxDirector of Business Integration
You could run the import wizard and try convetting the excel form to InfoPath, probably would get most of it.

In InfoPath you would further clean it up and then go through the wizard to submit to SharePoint Library and publish the form.

You can also use the SharePoint userlist web service and the local username to complete some of the fields, etc.
in addition to what Clayfox said above . yes you do need info path filler for each user . but if you plan to use info path form services you can make those forms available in IE and this way you will not have to install IF on each client machine  

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