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I'm having a difficult time grasping how I can filter data in a datatable using the Select method and then populate a combobox.  I've created a Private Dataset for my form that I populate on form Load.  Then when my routine runs to fill a combobox based off that I want to perform a Select against the table in the dataset but keep getting the error below.  I've attached the code as I have it...any help would be most appreciated.

Problem responseChkBoxEvents: --Message:Cannot bind to the new display member.  Parameter name: newDisplayMember--StackTrace:   at System.Windows.Forms.ListControl.SetDataConnection(Object newDataSource, BindingMemberInfo newDisplayMember, Boolean force)     at System.Windows.Forms.ListControl.set_ValueMember(String value)     at RxAssess.DynamicForm.responseChkBoxEvents(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\Programming\DynamicForm.vb:line 629--TargetSite:Void SetDataConnection(System.Object, System.Windows.Forms.BindingMemberInfo, Boolean)
Public Class DynamicForm
Private dsNCICriteria As New DataSet

Private Sub DynamicForm_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
'Capture data for NCI Criteria Combo Boxes
Dim conStringNCICriteria As String = "removed string;"
Dim strSQLNCICriteria As String = "select ntypeid,grade,cast(grade as nvarchar) + '   -   ' + description as description " + _
                "from nci_criteria"
Dim conNCICriteria As New SqlConnection(conStringNCICriteria)
Dim daNCICriteria As New SqlDataAdapter(strSQLNCICriteria, conNCICriteria)
daNCICriteria.Fill(dsNCICriteria, "NCICriteria")
conNCICriteria = Nothing
strSQLNCICriteria = Nothing
conStringNCICriteria = Nothing
End Sub

Sub responseChkBoxEvents(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
If chk.Checked = True Then
                If chk.Name.Substring(chk.Name.LastIndexOf("N") + 1) <> 0 Then
                    Dim nciTypeID As String = chk.Name.Substring(chk.Name.LastIndexOf("N") + 1)
                    Dim nciFilter As String
                    nciFilter = "ntypeid = " + chk.Name.Substring(chk.Name.LastIndexOf("N") + 1)

                    Dim cbo As ComboBox = TryCast(Me.Controls(Replace(Replace(chk.Name, "CHK", "NCICBO"), "L" + z.ToString, "L" + (z + 1).ToString)), ComboBox)
                                      With cbo
                        .DataSource = dsNCICriteria.Tables("NCICriteria").Select(nciFilter)
                        .DisplayMember = "description"
                        .ValueMember = "grade"
                        .Visible = True
                        .SelectedItem = Nothing
                        .AutoCompleteSource = System.Windows.Forms.AutoCompleteSource.ListItems
                        .AutoCompleteMode = AutoCompleteMode.Append
                    End With
                End If
End Sub

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Try replacing

.DataSource = dsNCICriteria.Tables("NCICriteria").Select(nciFilter)


.dsNCICriteria.Tables("NCICriteria").DefaultView.RowFilter = nciFilter
.DataSource = dsNCICriteria.Tables("NCICriteria").DefaultView
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can you print out the value of nciFilter?


Thanks CodeCruiser I will give that a try an about an hour.

Emoreau:  The value of nciFIlter is "ntypeid = 5"
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CodeCruiser:  That works, i just had to put the first row outside the With clause and remove the dot.   Was that your intent?    I'm noticing that other checkBox events associated with populating comboBoxes all fire properly too.  The comboBoxes all share the same drop down values though.  Can the filter results be assigned to each comboBox individually or is this just a limitation?

Based on your suggestion I think I've misunderstood the whole Table Select method; I thought if I select just a certain number of items from a table and associated that with the combobox those values would be; somewhat added to just that combobox.
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Select can be used but it returns an array of DataRows and I think that can not be used as a datasource on its own.

>Was that your intent?  
Yeah I think I made mistake there.

>The comboBoxes all share the same drop down values though.

Changing this
.DataSource = dsNCICriteria.Tables("NCICriteria").DefaultView.ToTable()

would make the filter specific to this combobox. You can also do

Dim dCombo1 As DataTable = dsNCICriteria.Tables("NCICriteria").DefaultView.ToTable()
.DataSource = dCombo1

This will be useful if you need access to this datasource later on.


Extremely helpful; thank you very much for the help and explanation!!!
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Glad to help :-)

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