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Unable to Add PC to domain

Dear All, we recently purchased 10 HP Compro 6000 Pro MT with Windows 7 Professional. We managed to joined two of the PC to our domain successfully. However, when we try to add the other PCs we get the following message.

The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "xxx".

An attempt to resolve the DNS name of the domain controller in the domain being joined has failed. Please verify this client is configured to reach a DNS server that can resolve DNS names in the target domain.

Hope to get a detail solution.
Many thanks,
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can you check the following.

1. You can ping the Domain Controller
2. You can ping the DNS servers.
3. The account you are using to add the servers to the domain is a domain administrator.

Here is also a link that might help, perhaps you are missing a step.

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As the error message says, you should check DNS settings on PCs before trying to join them to domain (for example, run "ipconfig /all" from cmd). They should all point to local DNS servers responsible for your domain.
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As a supplement to the first post of David Hagerman: can you also check if you're a local admin?
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Are those machines getting IP address from your DHCP server?
It's very possible that you have no more leases available, hence why some of the early setups have worked.

If not you'll have to manually configure the TCP/IP settings on the network card.
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The link you provided solved my problem.