PayPal payment site - old and new design - where to set?

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when I pay using PayPal on eBay, I always see the modern style site.
In my Magento store I use PayPal too, but in this case the old payment site is shown. But when I switch to Sandbox-Mode, my shop shows the modern payment site too. What does it depend on which style PayPal loads?

For better explanation, see the attached image.
On the left you see the old design on the right the modern one.
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It sounds like Magento might be causing the issue - have you contacted them to see if there is an update or change to see if that can be implemented?

I believe this is temporary problem where requests coming from magento site is processed by old paypal site and ebay is being redirected to the new design. Slowely all the paypal incoming requests will automatically start handled by new design. You cant do much in this regard as i understand. Just wait and watch


I am missing sources from PayPal. The answers sound like a guess.

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