Best Backup Tape Drive for Backup Exec 2010 R2

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I am currently using an ADIC Scalar 24, which is causing me all sorts of problems and needs to be replaced.

I am using "Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2" that duplicate the backups from disk to tape.

For those who have any knowledge on "Backup Exec 2010 R2" please could you let me know your thoughts on what tape drive I should look at purchasing, which is compatible with "Backup Exec 2010 R2" and that causes minimum problems.

Thanks for your help.

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I am looking at purchasing a tape library.


Thanks for your quick response Santasi24, does this have a tape library, if so how many tape slots does it have?
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Whoa, hold on right there.  Aren't you rather putting the cart before the horse?

Before you look at drives, you need to assess what you are going to be backing up:

Capacity of the server you have
Current data size
Future data growth (5 years is ideal)
What other servers will need to be backed up as well (repeat above for each server)
Time window for backups

Once you have this information you can then assess the type of backup system you need to meet your needs.  Pop the answer up here and we can then help you with you assessment.

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What's wrong with the ADIC Scalar?
Yes - first what is the main issue with the current solution? (ADIC)
hardware issue: fails, stalls, eats tapes etc.  speed issue?  space issue?
configuration issue: cant get dups to run, drives offline etc?

what are your connection limitations:
scsi, FC - is iscsi an option to consider?

we just just finish upgrading everything here to 2010r2 with disk to disk and disk to tape structures.  it is still all fresh.


The ADIC Scalar 24 repeatedly goes offline in Backup Exec, which causes problems when weekend backups mount up. Tape Drive 1 also constantly reports errors and there is also a red flashing LED on tape drive 2, which I presume is not good, it looks like a flashing rotating circle. The tape library also states on numerous occasions that the picker has failed and that the security door is opened, whereas it is shut.


The connection type we currently use is SCSI, however, we have just started VMware virtualisation and therefore now also have an iSCSI network infrastructure.

If I am to buy a new tape drive I would like to keep up with technology and connect it using iSCSI.
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I wouldn't advise using iSCSI for tape, not fast enough to keep up with modern tape drives (unless you use 10Gb). SAS, FC or old fashioned parallel SCSI are still the best. There isn't (and very unlikely to ever be) a native iSCSI tape drive/library, they use an iSCSI to SAS bridge.

Give these chaps a bell and describe the problems, they fixed both our drives by replacing the heads for £250 each, replaced the magazine to fix the picker jamming and I fixed the door problem myself by straightening the sensor - admittedly it was a different library.

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